Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey at the Fool's Gold After Party

Matthew McConaughey Is Already Thinking For Two

Kate Hudson ditched her blue dress for a more comfortable pantsuit after the premiere of Fool's Gold in LA last night, but kept on her pretty and dramatic eye makeup for the party. She and Matthew were showing off that friendly flirtation we love so much, but he was more into opening up about how much he's enjoying his relationship with Camila and their little baby already. He said,

"I am a happy man, thank you. Already, even with Camila just being pregnant now, the parenthood is begun. There is already a slight shift in the thoughts, the way I think about the future, and it has more of a 'we' to it instead of just a 'me.' That feels good, it's fine, and it hasn't really changed my point of view. It's just encompassed a little more quality."

In fact, MM says he is so happy with his current situation that he and Camila have no plans for marriage right now. Guess Matthew's mom has her work cut out for her.