Kate Winslet looks every bit the glamorous movie star on the pages of the September issue of Harper's Bazaar UK. In the article, Kate talks about all the exciting projects she has going on right now, from working with Leo again, and her deal with L’Oréal, to having her husband direct her for the first time in Revolutionary Road. Despite it all, Kate remains insistent on one thing: that she is very much the normal girl-next-door. She said:

"I think I look normal, I really do, and that's the whole point. I want people to see that I'm the girl next-door - I'm just like everyone else - but with a great hair stylist, great make-up and a fab frock that has been made to fit, like that Valentino dress I wore last night, which was let out because it was minuscule. I feel very comfortable with the fact that it's putting on a persona, it's putting on a face, it's putting on your best effort when you go on a red carpet It's two hours and make-up. I don't wake up looking like that!"

While we somehow doubt that Kate wakes up looking anything but stunning, it's definitely refreshing to hear one of Hollywood's most beautiful A-listers speak so candidly. Kate has definitely proved herself to be one of the few movie stars who is also a great role model.

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