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Kate Mara Can't Wait to Watch House of Cards Season 2 Either

Feb 13 2014 - 3:45pm

Kate Mara is on the cover of GQ's March issue [1], which hits the stands on Feb. 25. In light of the thrilling first season of House of Cards, we can't wait for season two's release on Netflix tomorrow, and apparently, neither can Kate! In the new issue, Kate reveals why the second season is "just as surprising and addictive," and why she's "just as excited to watch it like anyone else." She also shared more insight about her offscreen life, from her family's football obsession to her thoughts on NYC versus LA. See more images from the spread, as well as tidbits from the interview, below!

Source: Mark Abrahams / GQ [2]

On her experience growing up in a football family: “We dressed up for Giants games like we were dressing up for church, it's our family business . . . During football season, I try to spend as much time in New York as possible. At first it was very strange not waking up on Sunday with my family. But then I was like, 'Oh, I can just get on a plane.'"

On having a sister who also acts, and if they talk about their work: "Talking about acting isn't like, 'Ugh, God, we have to talk about acting, how boring!' It's like a passion. It's not, you know, some burden."

On moving back to New York: "I hope one day I'll have a place there. But I really love being able to do both. I'm not one of those people who hates on LA. I love it."

On whether House of Cards's second season gets more intense: "Beau Willimon has a very big imagination. And he and our writing staff, I think they really pulled through this season. I think it's just as surprising and addictive. Hopefully, we'll see."

On her excitement for the new season: "Last year, before season one came out, I had seen all the episodes; this year I haven't, so I'm just as excited to watch it like anyone else."

On getting inside her character, Zoe Barnes: "Being a journalist wasn't the most important thing for me. That was just her job — it could be anything. The most important aspect of Zoe that I felt I needed to understand and wrap my head around was her crazy drive and ambition. Sitting around with Beau and Fincher and Kevin, just setting the backstories — that's where I got all of my information."

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