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A Guide to Kate Middleton's Many Royal Tour Facial Expressions

Apr 25 2014 - 2:11am

The royal tour [1] has been an emotional roller coaster for Kate Middleton — with plenty of facial expressions to prove it. Prince William, Prince George, and Kate Middleton have made their way around New Zealand and Australia for all kinds of events, including solemn memorials, breezy beach days, and hilarious trips at the zoo. There have been some great moments [2] and some awkward moments [3], so let's relive all the ups and downs through the many royal tour facial expressions of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The "Yay, Here We Go!"

The "Oh, You're Not Wearing Pants"

The "Well, This Is Awfully Close"

The "OMG My Baby's the Cutest"

The "OK, Honey, Let's Play Nice"

The "They Like Me! They Really Like Me!"

The "Oh No, She Didn't"

The "Uh-Oh, Here He Goes Again . . . "

The "#NotImpressed"

The "Thank You, Thank You Very Much"

The "You Guuuuys, This Is Too Much"

The "I Can't Even"

The "Uh-Oh, Here We Go"

The "I Have to Win This Race"

The "I Totally Won — Sorry Not Sorry"

The "I Know, I'm Really Competitive"

The "Oh No, Not Again"

The "Will, Save My Hair!"

The "I've Got a Royal Secret"

The "How Do I Look?"

The "Oh, Wills"

The "Wait, Are You Serious?"

The "Yep, I See What You're Doing There"

The "Oh Stop, I'm Blushing"

The "Don't Worry, I'm a Tea-Party Pro"

The "Best. Vacation. Ever."

The "Excuse Me?"

The "Raise Your Hand If You're a Princess! Oh, Just Me?"

The "Yep, Another Stuffed Animal"

The "Pregnant? HA!"

The "Oh, Just You Wait and See How Good I Am"

The "Ta-Da!"

The "Oops, That Didn't Go as Planned"

The "It Wasn't Me — It Was the Bat"

The "Seriously, How Much For the Puppy?"

The "Trust Me: You Should Really Pursue the Whole Princess Thing"

The "Oh Heeeey"

The "I'm Sorry, What?"

The "Note to Self: I Did Not Wear Proper Footwear"

The "Nope, Don't Even Think About It"

The "You're Sure I Can Surf in This Dress?"

The "OMG Cut. It. Out."

The "I'll Just Treat This Sand Like a Runway"

The "Mmkay, Time to Wash My Hands"

The "Wait, Are They Checking Me Out?"

The "What Up?"

The "Yep, More Waving! More Smiling!"

The "Hm . . . You Would"

The "Seriously? More Stuffed Animals?"

The "Um, Manual Labor on Vacation?"

The "I've Met Georgie's Match!"

The "Is My Hat Slipping? More Bobby Pins, Please"

The "Oh Snap"

The "I Love Him, I Love Him, I LOVE HIM!"

The "Aw, You Shouldn't Have"

The "You Guys, My Son Has the World's Cutest Cheeks"

The "Swear He Won't Bite?"

The "Thank God This Thing Is Fake"

The "To Swat or Not to Swat?"

The "Please. I Woke Up Like This"

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