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A Guide to Kate Middleton's Least Princess-y Facial Expressions

Jul 29 2014 - 7:31pm

Kate Middleton usually looks elegant and composed when she's performing her royal duties [1], but, like every human, she does occasionally drop her picture-perfect grin to reveal deeper emotions. Indeed, Kate tends to show off her least "princess-y" expressions when she's doing one of her favorite things — watching sports. Since the duchess isn't too princess-y to play sports [2], it's only natural that her funniest moments would come while she is watching athletes do their thing! Keep scrolling to see Kate's funniest faces from over the years.

The "Oh Dear, I Think I'm About to Cry"

The "Deep in Thought"

The "Precringe" Cringe

The "Straight-up Cringe"

The "That Was a Close One!"

The "Yes, Fan Me, My Prince"

The "No WAY!"

The "Oh, This Is Getting Bad"

The "Oh My God!"

The "I Can't Watch — OK, Maybe Just a Peek"

The "Please Tell Me I Didn't See That"

The "How Did I Let Will Talk Me Into Coming to This?"

The "My Hair Smells Good!"

The "Oh Look at Those Little Crybabies"

The " ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

The "Nail-Biter"

The "Double Nail-Biter"

The "I'm Having Second Thoughts About This"

The "Try to Pull It Together and Smile!"

The "Lip Bite"

The "That's So Unfair!"

The "ACK!"

The "He He He, I Did Something Naughty"

The "Things Are Finally Going My Way!"

The "Too Happy to Act Regal" Smile

The "Double-Thumbed Woo"

The "Double-Armed Woo"

The "Goodness Gracious, I Can't Believe I Did That"

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