Kate Middleton Pictures at Wedding With William, Pipppa, and Alex Loudon

Kate and William Attend a Friend's Wedding With Pippa and Alex!

Kate and William Attend a Friend's Wedding With Pippa and Alex!

The Middleton sisters, Kate and Pippa, had a double date of sorts over the weekend when they both brought their significant others along to a friend's wedding! Their mutual friends, Thomas Sutton and Harriet Colthurst, were the latest to tie the knot, and their ceremony took place at the St. Mary and St. Nicholas Church in the English town of Wilton. Prince William arrived before Kate, as he was an usher during the proceedings. Pippa, meanwhile, entered alongside her boyfriend, Alex Loudon. For the event, Pippa was decked out in a printed dress from Project D and Kate wore a red lace Collette Dinnigan number. It's been nearly five months since Kate and William tied the knot themselves, and he recently revealed previously unknown details about their big day. In an interview for a book about his grandmother, the queen, William spoke about their lengthy guest list, his own outfit on April 29, and more. William said:

  • On who he was supposed to invite to his and Kate's wedding: "I came into the first meeting for the wedding, postengagement, and I was given this official list of 777 names — dignitaries, governors, all sorts of people — and not one person I knew. . . . [Royal officials] said, 'These are the people we should invite.' I looked at it in absolute horror and said, 'I think we should start again.' . . . I rang [the queen] up the next day and said, 'Do we need to be doing this?' And she said, 'No. Start with your friends first and then go from there.' And she told me to bin the list. She made the point that there are certain times when you have to strike the right balance. And it’s advice like that, which is really key, when you know that she’s seen and done it before."
  • On the queen instructing him to wear his Irish Guards uniform, his highest post, on the big day: "I wanted to decide what to wear for the wedding. I was given a categorical, 'No, you’ll wear this!' . . . So you don’t always get what you want, put it that way. But I knew perfectly well that it was for the best. That 'no' is a very good 'no.' So you just do as you’re told!"
  • On his relationship with the queen: "My relationship with my grandmother has gone from strength to strength. As a shy, younger man, it could be harder to talk about weighty matters. It was, 'This is my grandmother who is the queen, and these are serious historical subjects.' As I’ve got older, she’s become an even more important part of my life, so it’s much easier. And obviously, with the wedding, she was a massive help."
  • On his own thoughts of one day being king: "I try not to think about it, to be honest. As I’m flying along in my helicopter through the mountains of Wales, I try desperately hard not to think about it. That can wait until I’m a bit older."

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