Kate Middleton Playing Hockey Olympic Park Pictures

Kate Middleton Shows Her Sporty Side During an Olympic Park Appearance

Kate Middleton wearing red pants in Olympic Park in London.

Kate Middleton dressed down for an appearance at London's Olympic Park today. She toured the facilities and met with members of the women's hockey team. Kate, who played the sport during her time at Marlborough College, even showed off her own skills while a crowd watched despite explaining her fear that, "this is going to be so embarrassing. My brain thinks I can do all these wonderful things but my body just doesn't play ball." She wore running shoes and brightly colored skinny jeans for the athletic turn, though she arrived at the event in a blue blazer accessorized with this year's official Team BG supporters scarf. Kate's work with the upcoming Summer Games will continue since she, along with husband Prince William and his brother Harry, is an Olympic ambassador. During his Brazilian tour, Harry shared that "the three of us, my brother and my sister, will be as involved as we can be" with the world sports event.

Source: Getty

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