Kate Moss Highgate Hill Pictures With Jamie Hince

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince Get to Know Their New Hood

Kate Miss and Jamie Hince take a stroll hand in hand in London.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince were hand in hand for a walk in sunny London today. They were out for their latest walk in their new neighborhood of Highgate Hill, home to their new five-bedroom mansion once owned by the English poet William Blake. Though they bought the pad more than a year ago, Kate and Jamie needed to wait for renovations, including the reported installation of a wine cellar and gym, to be completed. It's also been rumored that Kate has designated one of the many bedrooms for the use of her BFF and hairstylist James Brown. One of the many papers that love to cover Kate, The Daily Mail, was just profiled in The New Yorker. Kate commented to the latter publication about how the Mail loves to cover her every move. In Kate's characteristic, no-nonsense manner, she explained why she doesn't mind that the paper highlights, in particular, her aging. Kate Moss told The New Yorker, "I don’t know. 'Cause it’s the Daily Mail? They just get on everyone’s t*ts, don’t they?"