Kate Moss Pictures Partying With Jamie Hince

Kate Moss on the Challenges of Zippers, Dogs, and Not Dressing Like a "Wife"

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince headed home.

Kate Moss was in head-to-toe black last night, including her nails, to visit a members club in London. The supermodel's hanging out at home with her husband, Jamie Hince, her daughter, and their new pup, Archie. Jamie met Kate during the evening out, but she arrived to the spot with her assistant, Fiona. Kate's in England after a jaunt to Spain last month for the Mango Fashion Awards. While there, Kate did a round of interviews, including one hilarious chat with Grazia. Kate Moss discussed wife style and touched on the sartorial challenges presented by zippers and having a dog. Kate said:

  • On zippers: "Zips. I've got a problem with zips. Sometimes I just forget to do them up."
  • On the challenges of dog ownership: "Well. I've got a dog. He's eight months. So I've got a dog, and the dog's making me more 'day.' It's a nightmare. You can't do a dog in a heel! I'm having to rethink everything. You can't walk a dog in a heel. You look ridiculous."
  • On her husband Jamie's wardrobe input: "He would go mental if I started dressing like a wife! No! He likes me when I'm a rock and roll kind of girl."