Kate and Pete, in a seemingly rare moment of cleanliness and non-disheveled outfits, were out in London this week to celebrate the opening of the Face of Fashion exhibit at England's National Portrait Gallery. Kate's portrait, a set of nine images taken by Corinne Day, the artist who photographed Kate for Vogue 14 years ago, is the centerpiece of the show and will stay in the Gallery after the exhibit's run is over. Here's more:

Moss's reaction to Day's new images was self-deprecating. "I've got crooked teeth, bow legs, a wonky nose," said the model.

Day said:"It's very intimate. I wanted the shots to be genuine so that when people look at them each picture will say something different."

Kate never fails to take interesting pictures (that's why she's Kate Moss, after all), and these ones are no exception. Plus, it's a little reassuring to see Pete looking less completely high. Perhaps this time he'll be clean for good? Baby steps. Now we just have to figure out a way to get to London to see the rest of the exhibit.

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