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Kate and Pete Reunited and it Feels so Bad

Apr 12 2007 - 8:44am

Kate Moss went from photoshoots and fan shots [1] in St Barths to spending time with her daughter in LA [1]. Now she is back home and the paparazzi couldn't wait to get all over her "arse [1]" (I think it's my new favorite word). Clearly Pete and Kate look pissed being bombarded by cameras while leaving her home and shopping around town. The trouble making couple were apart for Easter, but Pete wasn't all alone. Apparently he spent the holiday weekend drinking with his former bandmate [2] at Kate's home.


We so badly want to wish them well but they just look so unhealthy together - it all seems so unnatural. I guess that's just the rock and roll lifestyle they want to lead. Lots more pics of Kate and Pete being stalked by the cameras so

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