As you may have noticed, we're really pulling for Kate and Pete to get their act together. Suuure, there was a while there when he was getting arrested thrice weekly and she seemed to be following him into the dregs of sloppy drug use and generally dysfunctional behavior, but things are totally (kind of) looking up! It's been at almost a month since his last drug-related incident and this is at least the second time they have attended an event in clean, appropriate formal wear. I understand, Pete's still got his crazy eyes, but there is no proof that either of them were on drugs or near drugs at these NME Shockwaves awards.* Plus they were nominated for Sexiest Male/Female respectively. Not saying we understand Pete's nom....but...congrats?

* To be fair, Pete was nominated for a whole bunch of awards including Villain of the Year and Hero of the Year, Best Dressed Man and Worst Dressed Man. Soo, there were some interesting choices in the deciding process.

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