Kate Moss went for the dressed down look while shopping on Robertson and stopping by Chateau Marmont in LA this week. While we're not sure why she's stateside right now, she is scheduled be in NY at the beginning of next month to debut her Topshop line at Barneys. We've seen Kate model some of her collection in British Vogue and the Times Style Magazine, but to check out an official preview click here. Far from your standard celebrity "designer," Kate says she was very involved in the whole process. Here's more from her interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine:

  • On the clothes:
    "I wanted to feel that I'd wear it," she says, "that I liked it and wanted it."
  • On doing her own collection:
    "I'd talked about it with other people before, and it just happened. But this just felt like the right time, with the right people. Before I didn't feel I could have given it my full attention. I was travelling so much. Now I'm a lot more grounded and settled, with Lila and everything. I'm here most of the time. And I'm really getting into it. I love it! Philip Green (the Topshop owner) has even said I can have an office. My own office! I want somewhere I can put my mood boards up."

Considering everyone has her own fashion line these days we are surprised it took Kate so long to get into the game. As for becoming a working woman with an office to go to everyday, we'll just have to wait and see if she'll give up her Rock n Roll lifestyle first.