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Kate Says Lila is a Mini-Fashionista

Mar 16 2007 - 7:45am

Kate shows off some of her new Topshop collection in April's British Vogue and once again proves she can make anything look like a million bucks. For instance, the little black dress she's wearing on the cover, is only $116 [1]. In the article Kate talks all about her flair for fashion and how it has been rubbing off on daughter Lila. At 4 years old she's already becoming quite the fashionista. Here's more: [2]


"She's a Mini-Me...She comes in at bedtime and says, 'Mummy, do you think this is a good look?' and then she has a fashion crisis," Moss tells the magazine. "I say, 'You will wear what I tell you,' but she says she's the adult of the bedroom. Now we lay the clothes out before she goes to bed but then she goes, 'Mum, I need options.'

"When we were doing Versace [the recent ad campaign], we all had kids and they came along, like Christy [Turlington]'s little baby and Carolyn [Murphy]'s little boy, and Lila and Donatella struck up a friendship. They put a weave in her hair and she had this long blonde hair down to her waist, and she was going like" – Moss tosses her hair back, vamp-style – "and I was like, oh ... my ... god."

We're not surprised that her mother's fashion sense has rubbed off. It's cute that Lila wants to take after her Mum but let's just hope she stays away from all the bad stuff she used to do.

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