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Kate Takes a Business Trip

Kate headed down to St. Bart's earlier this week to relax on the beach/work a little (nice life when there isn't a difference). Pete was nowhere in sight, but it looks like that injured foot of hers isn't bothering her and she's back walking on her own. She balanced her time between soaking up rays and trying to keep her skimpy-to-say-the-least bathing suit on. Here's more:

Kate was seen lying seductively in the sand for the modelling assignment, with beach blonde hair, and a revealing black costume.

It was clearly a day to get down to business, in contrast with pictures of her yesterday which showed her having a nice cup of a tea and a few fags, while relaxing on a sun-lounger.

An onlooker said: "Kate was relaxing on her own. She was sunbathing topless and looked totally chilled as she smoked many cigarettes."

While most people can't pull off the bathing suit/chunky necklace combo quite like Kate can, basking in the Caribbean on your down time sounds like a pretty good gig to me.





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