Karl Lagerfeld once again stepped up his own game, staging his Fendi fashion show on the Great Wall of China on Thursday night. Talk about an event to remember. Among those lucky enough to attend were Kate Bosworth and Thandie Newton, who gushed about the big event. The ladies' outfits were daring, but totally perfect for such a spectacle. Kate even said that she brought her own camera to snap some pictures because she was so excited. Check out the video below to see Kate and Thandie being a little bit awestruck by the awesome scene. Leave it to Karl to render everyone a little bit speechless.

To see video of Kate and Thandie being adorably awe-struck by the event, plus more pictures just read more

Images include Thandie Newton, Kate Bosworth, Riyo Mori, Zani Gugelman, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Gianluca Flore, James Rousseau and Amanda Hearst.