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Kate Wants to Hide With Pete in Countryside

Feb 14 2007 - 7:09am

Kate has stayed with Pete through things that would have most girlfriends running for the door, so it's no surprise that his most recent relapse into drug use is no different. Even though the two looked happy while celebrating Kate's new portraits [0] at the opening of the Face of Fashion this week, she's understandably still worried about his recovery. Her latest attempt to keep him clean is by running away to a remote hideaway in Scotland. She thinks that if she can get him away from his druggie friends he'll be able to kick his habit. A close friend says: [1]

"Kate keeps getting frustrated with Pete, but she cannot leave him. She feels let down by his constant broken promises but is torn because she absolutely adores him.

“Kate has been through her own drug problems and knows the only way he will give up is if he breaks the cycle. If he is away from the guys who feed him drugs then he might have a chance at escaping the hold addiction has on him.

“They love escaping to her house in the Cotswolds but Kate wants to get somewhere even more remote than that. If it is her pad she can control who visits and who doesn’t. She says she doesn’t want anyone there except her and Pete."

While it still sounds like a better decision to stay in rehab close to doctors, it's admirable that Kate is willing to do just about anything to help Pete kick his habit once and for all. Besides, Pete just lost his driver's license [2] for two months so maybe they'll stay hidden away in the country for a while. Who knows, maybe this will be the trick. He can sing his love songs to Kate [3] while they hang out there. Until then, we'll enjoy seeing Kate run around the city so for more pics just

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