Kate Winslet Filming Labor Day in Boston Pictures

Kate Winslet Gets a Visit From Ned Rocknroll in Boston

Ned Rocknroll visited Kate Winslet on the set of Labor Day.

Kate Winslet had a visit from her boyfriend Ned Rocknroll on the rainy set of Labor Day yesterday. She's in Boston filming her latest project, which she stars in alongside Josh Brolin. So far, filming in New England has been a wet experience: Kate Winslet was caught in a downpour earlier this week as well. Kate's been back in the spotlight since the Spring release of Titanic 3D. Kate hit the red carpet and reunited with director James Cameron and costar Billy Zane for the world premiere in March. Because of her high-profile career, Kate's a strong contender in this year's PopSugar 100. Make sure to log in, cast your vote in the PopSugar 100, and be entered to win $2,500!

Source: INFphoto.com