Katherine Heigl Pictures With New Daughter

Katherine Heigl Brings Her New Baby Girl Along to Meet Friends

Katherine Heigl carried her new daughter in a bassinet to visit a friend in LA.

Katherine Heigl smiled big Saturday when she arrived at a friend's house in LA with her husband Josh Kelley. Also along for the outing with Katherine was the couple's newly adopted daughter. Katherine Heigl adopted a second baby with her husband Josh, making their 3-year-old daughter Naleigh Kelly a big sister.

Yesterday marked Katherine's first Mother's Day as a mom of two. Josh was on top of organizing the celebrating. He tweeted in the a.m., "Happy mother's day! What 'cha got planned for today? Hope you dudes out there take care of your ladies. No skimping." Josh cooked Katherine breakfast as well, and shared a picture of his labors on Twitter. After the meal, Josh and Katherine, who wore knee-high boots and a dress, swung by her parents' home for a big family bash.


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