With her husband Josh off on tour, Katherine Heigl was busy yesterday doing — what else? — shopping for her new home and chilling with her mom. Understandably, Katherine is a little more comfortable with her family than the Hollywood A-List, and just after the Oscars she spoke to Access Hollywood about her jitters. Here's more:

  • On being at the Oscars: "It was kind of surreal. I just felt very out of my league, you know? I was sitting behind Cate Blanchett and Jack Nicholson and sitting next to Renee Zellweger. I kind of wanted to get out my iPhone and take pictures."
  • On being near Jack Nicholson: "He called me sugar a couple of times. I was very excited about it. In fact, I might have to tell everyone I know that Jack Nicholson called me sugar."

Uh, I think you just did, Sugar. Katherine really is crazy about her iPhone, and it's pretty cute that she still gets starstruck by superstars. But if she keeps making successful movies, sooner or later she'll be the one starlets are trying to secretly photograph.

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