Katie Holmes Visits the Gym in LA Pictures

Katie Holmes Moves Past a Cupcake "Emergency" With a Gym Visit

Katie Holmes wore sweats for her latest gym visit.

Katie Holmes is back on the West Coast and her regular gym routine today after hanging with Tom and Suri Cruise in NYC last week. She's prepping for Friday's national release of her Guillermo del Toro thriller Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, and during her press junket Katie spoke about "holding [Suri] closer" after her first script read-through when they shot the movie two years ago. Yesterday Katie shifted her focus to a sweeter subject matter, cupcakes, and apparently called Sprinkles Cupcakes in LA and placed a last-minute "emergency" order for four dozen of their baked treats. Katie's next project to shoot, Responsible Adults, pairs her with Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford, and the romantic comedy unfolds when a young man realizes he's developed a crush on his childhood babysitter, played by Katie.