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Katy Perry Reveals Why She Married Russell and Talks Her Firework Win Backstage at VMAs

Katy Perry juggled her trio of awards.

It was a winning night for Katy Perry, who tied with Adele for the most moonmen this evening at the VMAs — check out the full list of VMA winners on Buzz! The pop star stopped by the press room after the show wrapped to talk about the honor and the tribute her husband, Russell Brand, gave to the late Amy Winehouse during the show. Katy changed out of the pop-art-inspired outfit she wore to accept her video of the year award for "Firework," and into a sparkly black minidress with a fascinator that looked like a record, before chatting backstage. She said:

  • On why her "Firework" win is special: "I was in shock, because there's a lot of other really great people in that category, especially Adele — who I love — [and] who's deserving of every nomination. But I felt like I was in the right place tonight, especially with that award, because we all know 'California Girls' is a great song, but it's not going to change the world or anything like that. But 'Firework,' to me, feels like a movement…I think it takes a little bit more to sing a song like 'Firework.'"
  • On Russell's tribute to Amy: "I'm proud of him—whatever comes out of his mouth. And sometimes it's very colorful, right? But I think he was right on. I think, not only was he providing the beautiful color palette that Amy was, but he was also providing a realistic point of view as well, and giving hope to anyone out there who felt like they needed hope…That's why I married him, because he's smart, and I learn a lot!"
  • On how she felt about her many wins tonight: "I don't want to feel like I've peaked just yet, I've got way too many outfits to go through."
  • On what inspired her VMA outfits: "I'm all right with being laughed at, and being laughed with, and just laughing, so that was the inspiration for tonight, which was to have a laugh."
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