Keira showed her tough side while looking glamorous in the October issue of Allure. We've seen lots of Keira this summer from her gorgeous Chanel campaign to walking the red carpet for her films in Venice, London and Toronto. Even though she looks to have put a lot of effort into her polished attire, it turns out she's not so into dressing up and posing for the cameras. In the article she talks about her self esteem issues, red carpets events and more. Here are some highlights:

  • On how she chooses characters: There is a definite f** you quality to the characters I choose...A lot of times in cinema today the women are overly sentimental, so I constantly try to do the opposite. I like strident women.
  • On the fleeting nature of fame: “Oh, it will, it will. Jesus, if I know one thing about the industry, it’s that it’s a moment. A flash in the pan. That’s what’s lovely about it...But it’s hard, because one moment you’re the hot thing, and the next moment — you’re not. And there’s no rhyme or reason for it.”
  • On red carpet nastiness: “I hate red-carpet events; I absolutely hate them. I don’t like the fact that people write, ‘Oh, you look like crap’ in print. Or ‘I don’t like your arms!’...I’m not Wonder Woman. I have self-esteem problems. Everybody does. You know, skinny people are allowed to feel sh*t about themselves.”

Obviously Keira can speak her mind and she is not a frail little girl. She is strong willed but she still has insecure moments like many of us. She even reveals that life in LA made things worse. Figures.

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