Keira Knightley, no stranger to a magazine cover, found time between movie premieres to sit down with Interview. She stars in a rather racy photo shoot and discusses her upcoming film Atonement, why she's viewed as old Hollywood, and why she keeps taking her clothes off for magazines. Here's more:

  • On the characters in Atonement: Everybody has regrets. Everybody feels guilty about something, though hopefully not for something as bad as what happens in the movie. But that’s what is wonderful about the book and the film — you understand where these people are coming from. The situation may be completely different from ones I’ve experienced or that most people have experienced, but the core emotions are the same — that we all make mistakes, and sometimes we’re horrendous to each other. It’s the Robbie character [played by James McAvoy] that I find truly heartbreaking, because at the beginning he’s really Christ-like in his goodness — he’s a selfless, perfect person — and in a funny way I don’t think we can ever handle it when someone is that good, so what we do is destroy them.

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  • On seeming old Hollywood: I think it has more to do with the films I’ve done. If you watch Atonement the look of my character, Cecilia Tallis, is incredibly stylized and sort of movie star-esque for that time. But I think different people have seen me in a different ways. I started out being very much “girl next door,” and now I’ve gone into a bit of Hollywood-glamour phase.
  • About her photo shoot: We ended by taking my clothes off again. How does that always happen... I don’t know. Because I say yes, I suppose.

Hey, at least she's honest. I read Atonement many years ago and recall the ending making me angry, but otherwise loving it. I can't wait to see how Keira and James translate it onto the big screen.