Gracing the cover of the UK May issue of Elle magazine with recycled images from the US version of August 2006, it's easy to see that Keira Knightley has a lot going for her. In addition to her stunning beauty, Keira's already an Academy award nominated actress and has risen to fame with the help of the Pirates franchise. However, at only 22, Keira is already learning the consequences of being famous. In the interview, Keira gets serious about the darker aspects of celebrity and why she's considering leaving the industry. Here are highlights:

  • 'You know,' she says, 'acting was the only thing I ever wanted to do. But, to be honest, I can see myself in five years or whatever just giving the whole thing up, I would. I'd just do something else and move on. I can see things getting to the point where I just can't do this anymore.'
  • 'All those pictures of celebrities. Are they fat? Are they thin? Have they got spots? Young female celebrities. Girls like me in magazines. All those paparazzi pictures. It' just horrible.'
  • 'I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether,' she says. 'I couldn't have kids in the situation I'm in now. But I could just do something else. That's probably what's going to happen. I'm just not so hungry any more. I made a decision very recently that I want a life instead.'

We can't blame Keira for wanting to escape from the paparazzi, but we can't imagine she's already ready for retirement. It looks like we'll just have to check out the new Pirates movie to catch her on the big screen while we still can.

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