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Keith Says Nicole is Extraordinary

Keith is one of the few stars of late who've managed to stay in rehab for an extended period of time to take getting better very seriously. Now he's on a world tour promoting his album Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing. Keith looked in tiptop shape during his appearance on the Today Show. Still, the past few months haven't been easy. Luckily, he says he's learned a lot from his experience and even grown closer to Nicole through the whole ordeal. Here's highlights:

"I can't really quantify it, because it's not a soundbite what we've learned," the singer, 39, said on Friday's Today show. "But," he added, "it's really profound."

Speaking on American TV for the first time since he left rehab on Jan. 18, Urban said of his relationship: "They say grief makes hearts and closer bonds than joy ever can. We've been through a lot, and she's been extraordinary."

Sounds like Keith has gotten his life back in order and we look forward to seeing both of them out on the road! For more pics just read more









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