Keri Russell and Family Touch Down at LAX on February 6 2008

Keri Russell Nabbed Herself a Nice (Hot) Vineyard Boy

Keri Russell and her adorable boys landed at LAX yesterday, leaving NYC and their snowy walks behind. Gotta love how Keri and her husband Shane Deary have matching hairdos — one of these days, when River gets some hair, he'll be joining his parents ponytail posse too. He's already following in his mom Keri's footsteps by trying to get at her Starbucks. One of the cuter babies ever. Love it. Also, after seeing these photos (Shane's sweatshirt) and doing a little bit of research, I learned that he's a Martha's Vineyard boy, so even more love for the fellow Massachusetts native. I knew there was a reason I was such a big fan of this family.