Keri Russell in Women's Health May 2013

Keri Russell Shows Skin in Women's Health and Says, "I Eat Everything"

Keri Russell showed skin in May's Women's Health.

Keri Russell shows off her extremely toned stomach on the cover and inside of May's Women's Health. Thanks to her physically demanding role on the FX series The Americans, Keri's in amazing shape. It looks like she can continue to enjoy the exercise perks of playing a Soviet sleeper agent in the US during the '80s — the show has already been renewed for a second season. In her interview with Women's Health, Keri spoke about the challenges of balancing being a mom of two with a leading role on the small screen. Keri also hilariously shared insight into how she prioritizes — namely through wearing the same outfit again and again and keeping her skin care simple. Here are excepts from the video online accompanying Keri's Women's Health issue:

  • On dressing simply: "Honestly, my number one style rule is wear one outfit a week, which I do. I wear it all week long. The people at work are like 'Oh, that's the same outfit.' And I'm like 'yeah.' Because guess what? I, I put it on in the morning, I take it off at work, and I put it back on at night. I wear it all of maybe 20 minutes. So I wear one outfit a week."
  • On her skin care routine: "What do I use on my skin? Oh gosh, whatever I have in my drawer at this time. I mean, I'm working a lot right now so it's kind of like whatever I got in some gift box that's left over. Or baby cream, from my kids."
  • On her perfect weekend: "The perfect weekend for me right now is sleep, sleep, girlfriends, glass of wine, and a delicious meal with lots of food. One thing you would be surprised to learn about me is that I eat everything. I, I am crazy for dessert. I eat everything. No one should be denied anything. You should be able to have a little bit of everything, just don't eat the whole thing."