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Kerry Washington Is Everyone's Best Friend

Jun 7 2014 - 2:03am

There's no denying that everyone loves Kerry Washington. Her Scandal costars are her tight-knit family of Gladiators, but they are far from her only celebrity pals. Throughout the past 13 years — since she broke into the industry with Save the Last Dance — she's been spotted laughing, hugging, and kissing many of her famous friends, ranging from George Clooney [1] to Jennifer Garner [2] to Gwyneth Paltrow [3]. Kerry has a laundry list of enviable pals, but we've narrowed it down to about 40 of them in honor of best friends day today!

She Appreciates a Garner-Hathaway Sandwich

Keri Russell, Jessica Capshaw, Aisha Tyler, and Anne Hathaway All Love Her

She and Gwyneth Paltrow Wear Similar Shoes

She and Bruno Mars Are Amazing, Just the Way They Are

She, Usher, and Regina King Have Been Tight Since at Least 2004

She Strikes Glam Poses With Amy Adams

She's Been Caught in Tobey Maguire's Web

She and Zooey Deschanel Aren't New Girls Anymore, but They Were in 2006

She Doesn't Curb Her Enthusiasm For Larry David

She's Desperate to Hug Eva Longoria

She Holds Hands With Kate Mara

She and Fiona Apple Are So Cute That It's Criminal

Of Course George Clooney Loves Her

She Gets Serious With Rose Byrne and Dylan McDermott

She Gets Her Freak On With Missy Elliott

Beyoncé, Jay Z, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett Smith All Love Her

She Loves Kissing Bai Ling — Well, at Least in 2004 She Did

She Doesn't Act a Fool With Ludacris

She and Naomi Watts Are Same-Height Pals

She Looks Fresh-Faced With Cate Blanchett

She Makes Duck Faces While Holding Gina Torres's Baby Bump

She Compares White House Dramas With Kevin Spacey

She Gets Between Barack Obama and Usher

She Parties With Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron

She Learns Burlesque Tips From Dita Von Teese

Her Blond Friends Martha Stewart and Amy Poehler Appreciate Her

She Sits With Julianne Moore During Fashion Week

She Laughs With Oprah

She and Her Pup Love Rachel Zoe and Joy Bryant

She Gets Cozy With Zach Braff and Their Awards

She and Leonardo DiCaprio Steal the Show, Wherever They Go

Kerry Washington and Kanye West in 2007: Let It Soak In

She Wears Fun Outfits With Alicia Keys

She Hugs Jane Fonda, With Gusto

She Rocks Award Season With Julia Roberts

She Goes Prom-Date Status With Anthony Mackie Frequently

She Laughs With Amy Poehler, Nicole Kidman, and Elizabeth Banks

She Enjoys Fashion Shows With Zoe Saldana and Kate Bosworth

She and Elizabeth Banks Have Been Pitch Perfect For Almost a Decade

And of Course, She Always Has Jamie Foxx to Lean On

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