Kid Rocks The Jolie-Pitts All Night Long

Brad Pitt is back on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Montreal and Angelina has had to take over walking the kids to school duty. The two are probably glad that they've left the craziness that is Cannes and are back to their every day lives. While they definitely had a good time at the festival, one night wasn't so fun. Kid Rock was DJing at the Hotel Du Cap where the Jolie-Pitts were staying and his party kept them up until 5 AM. Apparently Brad and Angie both called down to complain since their kids were crying from all the noise. A source says, "Staff then begged Kid Rock to at least turn it down but he refused - and made it clear that he'd keep DJing as long as he felt like doing so." Then a hotel staff member stopped by the Jolie-Pitt's room with earplugs but no word on if that actually solved the problem.