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Baby Talk: Kim Kardashian's Candid Quotes on Pregnancy

Jun 17 2013 - 1:02am

Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl [1] on Saturday — and even though she is now done with pregnancy, the mom-to-be has been quite vocal about the fact that being with child isn't all sunshine and rose petals. From weight gain to pregnancy cravings to feeling her little girl kick, we've rounded up Kim's candids reflections on having a bun in the oven. Click through to read them all now!

After confirming her baby news on New Year's Eve in 2012, Kim spoke to ET Online [2] about how much harder pregnancy is than she imagined:

"My sister [Kourtney] has made it look easy, and it's not as easy as people think. It's a little painful. There's a lot of growing pains. But I have heard it's all worth it, so I'm looking forward to that."

Kim wasn't believing the hype from other expecting mothers when she spoke to ET Online in January [3]:

"When people say that pregnancy is fun and they love it, I would have to disagree."

Kim spoke to E! Online [4] about her pregnancy cravings back in January:

"I'm craving sushi, but I know I can't really have it, so I'm eating a lot of carrots and celery with lots of ranch."

Kim addressed the constant probing [5] of her pregnancy weight gain with Extra in March:

"There are maybe two or three [magazine] covers just this week that say I am 200 pounds. It wouldn't even bother me if I gained all the weight. . . . I have the biggest sweet tooth, and I love junk food. Being pregnant, I don't like any of it."

In March, Kim surprised herself [6] with an unexpected fashion choice and shared her emotion via Twitter:

"I never thought I would ever say this . . . but I'm wearing flats today."

After a scare that sent her to the hospital in March, Kim talked to Access Hollywood [7] about taking it easy with her work commitments:

"I kind of split up my days. I'll do half a day of work and then I'll do half a day of really just resting and taking care of myself. But I haven't been tired at all."

Kim warned about taking her worries to the Internet in an April interview with Ryan Seacrest [8]:

"I get really paranoid [and] I start Googling things. The things that come up are really scary. It just freaks me out all the time."

In a sit-down interview with Ryan Seacrest [9] in April, Kim gave another glimpse [10] into her less-than-rosy first trimester:

"I was waiting for this amazing experience where I could just do whatever I want, eat whatever I want, feel great, and it just hasn't been that way. I haven't had morning sickness, so I've heard that I'm really lucky, and I feel lucky; it's just really painful everywhere. Seriously, it's not even an emotional [thing] — it's like a pain, physically."

Kim admitted that she had some trouble adjusting to her changing body and lamented her pregnancy figure [11] in the season premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians:

"How the f*ck did I get like this?"

At the E! Channel upfronts in April [12], Kim seemed to have taken a new approach on her pregnancy:

"Ever since I felt the baby kick, it's such an amazing feeling, and it's really allowed me to embrace it. Once you feel this movement inside, it's just a whole different experience, so I love it now. It was tough at the beginning, but I'm passed all that and I love it now."

After wearing Givenchy to the Met Gala in May, Kim spoke to Grazia magazine [13] about the public scrutiny surrounding her maternity outfits:

"This is how I have always dressed, and right now I'm wearing anything that fits. Kourtney warned me that when I got pregnant, people's opinions would be on an all-time high and people would chime in. Now I see what she means!"

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