Kingston Gears Up to Hit the Road With Just Dad

Gavin Rossdale hit the stage in LA yesterday with his biggest fan Kingston rocking out protected from any excessive noise with his headphones. Kingston looked happy to watch his dad onstage, enjoy a blue lollipop and have a snuggle with a couple of adorable pugs (aw). After the show Gavin talked a bit about Kingston and their tour plans including a stop at John Mayer's pre Mayercraft Carrier Save the Music Show tonight. Here are highlights:

  • On Kingston: "[He's] definitely a punk rocker in the making. . . I don't know if he's going to put that punk rocker to use in a band or whether he's going to be like a Svengali manager."
  • On touring at the same time as Gwen with No Doubt: "I love touring . . It's going to be challenging, but I like the idea that we're both working and both doing what we love, so that's the way it goes. Anyone who has kids knows about the sacrifices of time you spend with your kids [with] working and different priorities. How do you make it work? Organize the chaos. . . Kingston, I'll be taking him. The baby will probably have to stay with his mom. Needs the milk, you know?"

Too bad the family will be split up when they hit the road, but it looks like little rock star Kingston is ready for some guy time with his dad.

Source and Splash News Online

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