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Kingston is Gwen's Bundle of Fun

Kingston is Gwen's Bundle of Fun

Most of you prefer No Doubt Gwen but I personally love Mommy Gwen the best. In fact if you have been a long time reader of Pop you would know that I wasn't even really a fan until she got pregnant. I'm an even bigger fan now that we see her as such an active mother with cute Kingston. Even listening to her talk about her little man makes me more of a fan. She says "People are like so excited and happy for me. I find the whole thing amazing. He's just made my life so much more fun. And everyone I'm around, that surrounds me, all my entourage of people that help me out - it's made their lives fun as well."

Must be nice to have an entourage of people to cheer up. We bet they love him since we can't enough of Kingston's adorableness and we don't even know him. Gwen looks like she has her hands full with the tired tyke. Must have something to do with preparing to go on tour, work on her clothing line and her latest venture, her perfume called L.





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