Kirsten Gets A Little Extra Support As MJ

Kirsten took a little break to shop in Paris this week before doing yet another Spider-Man 3 premiere. We don't blame her for taking some time off - the cast has definitely been putting in overtime circling the globe. Kirsten recently admitted in one of her many interviews that she was asked to be a little bustier as Mary Jane. Here's more:

  • On MJ's breasts:
    “I had to wear a padded bra on this movie, but I get it. It’s OK. It’s part of the thing....I didn’t feel like it was sexist or anything. I embraced my Mary Jane boobs!
  • On changing up her character:
    “We try to be true to the books but also to alternate and interpret them in our own way. If I was Mary Jane from the comics I’d be walking around in lingerie saying, ‘Hey tiger’ all day.”

She's got a point there. As for her bigger chest, not sure how they're going to explain MJ's sudden growth spurt, or are we not supposed to notice? I guess we'll know in a short week when Spidey finally hits theaters in the US! I for one can't wait!