We know that Kirsten understands the importance of taking a break. It is quite clear from the recent pictures of her enjoying her Hawaiian vacation. In fact, in the April issue of W Magazine she talks about getting a little burnt out which resulted in taking time off from reading scripts. Apparently after Marie Antoinette didn't do so well she also decided she wanted to do something lighter. Here's more from W:

  • On Marie Antoinette:
    "After Marie Antoinette, I was feeling that I had to prove myself," she says, pulling the sleeves of her V-neck sweater down over her hands. She sniffles a little. "Ugh. Like, I didn't do it. I didn't prove myself enough." But she says she quickly snapped herself out of it: "Then I thought, Whatever. I'm in a really happy place, and I want to do a fun movie. Why do I want to be superserious chick all the time? I have a dark side, but I also like comedy, so I think next I want to do something that's super over-the-top."
  • On Being an Actress
    "I'm okay with it. I love what I do, and I know that I've been given this gift," she says. "But there was a time when I wasn't, of course. And if I didn't struggle with it, I probably wouldn't be a good actress at all. I used to feel like I had to be the best at what I did, but I realized I don't have to be the best. It's so freeing. I've never been this happy."

Sounds like this little break is doing her some good. The girl has been working since she was three years old and she certainly deserves some rest. Still, we can't wait to see her this summer in Spider-Man 3 -- we think she's a fabulous Mary Jane!

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