Kissing Kate

Jack Osbourne is evidently claiming that he once kissed Kate Moss at a party and Pete Doherty is not pleased. The now questionably drug-free Babyshambles singer is livid, even going so far as to call Jack bad names. I never thought I'd ever take Pete Doherty's side on anything, but I can understand why he's upset, even if I don't agree with immature name calling, or the clothes he wears, or most anything else he does. Here's more:

Pete [claims] Jack is using the story to promote his autobiography, '21 Years Gone', in which the revelations were made.

Pete fumed: "To use Kate like that, it's just not right. I mean, even if they did kiss before I was with her, it's not right. The t**t is out of order.'

The wild rocker - who is said have kicked his heroin and crack cocaine addictions since Kate gave him the ultimatum, 'It's the drugs or me' - insists the kiss never even happened.

He said: "Kate denied kissing him and that's that. It's just a foolish jibe.'

But seriously, Pete has been high for most of his life. Isn't it just possible that they were too tanked to remember? I mean how memorable can a kiss with Jack Osbourne be? Still Jack shouldn't be kissing and telling. Either way, Pete should relax. It's clear by these pics who Kate really wants to be kissing.