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Photographic Proof That Kit Harington Has a Sexy Smile

Jun 9 2014 - 10:50am

Game of Thrones [1] star Kit Harington plays a notoriously broody character, Jon Snow, who rarely smiles, and the actor himself tends to favor sly smirks over big grins when he poses for pictures. Sunday's episode made for some emotional moments and, once again, very little smiling. Meanwhile, in March, Kit graced the cover of GQ [2], and although the magazine does feature one very sexy photo shoot, Kit sticks to his typically serious look in every picture. Still, it may be a pretty rare occurrence, but Kit does flash a big grin every once in a while, and we've rounded up some of his smiliest pictures to prove it. Take a look at all the superhot pictures below to see why we really wouldn't mind if Kit showed off his cute grin more often.

Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz [3]

Typically, Kit goes for a casual, simple smirk like this.

And his character Jon Snow is always really broody. As in, zero smiling.

Every so often, though, he's caught off guard and smiles BIG, like this time in January 2012.

Or when he flashed this sweet grin at the Guys Choice Awards in 2012.

Here he is at the Game of Thrones season three premiere in March 2013.

And (swoon!) at the New York premiere that same month.

He looked extra sweet at Comic-Con last year.

And at the Emmys reception in September 2013.

He brought his superhot smile to the 2013 Emmys.

Look at those pearly whites!

Kit looked extra smiley at the AFI Awards luncheon in January.

And he was caught grinning at the SAG Awards that month, too.

Ditto while promoting Pompeii.

He got animated on a Telemundo show earlier this year.

And he gave a big grin at the Pompeii screening in February.

Bonus points for this laughing candid.

And this double-hot picture with his Game of Thrones costar Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

But smile or not, this month's GQ cover may just win our hearts.

Let's face it — Kit always looks good! (Just check out all the crazy-hot pictures from the full GQ shoot [4].)

Source: Paola Kudacki/GQ [5]

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