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Kristen Stewart Strips Down on Set!

Oct 2 2013 - 12:32pm

Kristen Stewart [1] was on set for Sils Maria, losing clothes and taking a dip in the process! Kristen and her costar Juliette Binoche were filming at a lake in Switzerland recently, and both actresses ditched their clothes and took to the water. Kristen has worked on the project for the greater part of September, and she filmed scenes in Berlin [2] a few weeks ago. Prior to that, Kristen suited up in military fatigues [3] to shoot Camp X-Ray back in July. New movies aren't the only thing on Kristen's plate right now, either! She also bared all for a new Balenciaga fragrance campaign called Florabotanica [4]. Take a look at the hot new set pics!

Kristen Stewart [5] stripped down to her underwear while filming in Switzerland.

Kristen Stewart [6] dried off after filming a scene in the water.

Kristen Stewart [7] and costar Juliette Binoche took off their clothes while filming Sils Maria.

Kristen Stewart [8] prepared herself for the cold lake water.

Kristen Stewart [9] stayed bundled before stripping down on set.

Kristen Stewart [10] filmed Sils Maria in Switzerland.

Kristen Stewart [11] got ready to film a scene by the lake.

Kristen Stewart [12] got wet in just her underwear on set.

Kristen Stewart [13] stripped down with costar Juliette Binoche while filming in Switzerland.

Kristen Stewart [14] wore only her bra and underwear as she went into the lake.

Kristen Stewart [15] exited the water after filming her scene.

Kristen Stewart [16] and Juliette Binoche swam around on set.

Kristen Stewart [17] stood on the bank as she prepped to splash into the water.

Kristen Stewart [18] and Juliette Binoche filmed Sils Maria together.

Kristen Stewart [19] and Juliette Binoche prepared to get wet on set.

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