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According to Kristen Stewart, "Nobody Knows What the F*ck Is Going On"

Aug 28 2014 - 5:30pm

Kristen Stewart [1] is featured on the cover of Vanity Fair France's September 2014 issue [2], and inside, she gets more candid than ever. The actress sat down to talk about her upcoming films Camp X-Ray and Clouds of Sils Maria, which mark her first time back on the big screen since 2012's The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2. Although it's been a while since she's been in movies, Kristen's name has been bubbling up recently thanks to her equally fascinating interview with Elle Magazine [3] and her "f*ckin' real" ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video [4]. Keep scrolling for some choice quotes from her latest chat.

On the media and how she separates herself from it: "I completely agree that all of this media stuff, if you're involved in it, can't really touch you physically, and it shouldn't affect you and all that. Yet it does technically affect your life. Obviously in the best ways imaginable. In dreamlike ways it affects your life. But from anyone's perspective it is nuts and it should totally be acknowledged."

On creating her own media persona: "I never really thought of anything in terms of designing a career. I never tried to shape people's perspectives of me, which is something that a lot of people do. There are certain actors and artists who want to be a certain kind of actor or certain kind of artist, and I'm really not like that . . . Therefore true regret can never eat at me."

On vicious rumors: "I don't want to add to this already pre-existing, enormous mound of salacious bullsh*t that isn't real. That's not me defending anything. That's true. Just being in the middle of it it's weird to comment on it. But I feel oddly capable of stepping outside and going, 'Isn't it obvious to everyone?'"

On having her life in the spotlight: "It's like soap opera. I try not to let it mess with me, because my true personal life, as much as people think they know about it, they don't know d*ck sh*t. Who could?"

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On knowing, in the greater sense of the word: "By the way nobody knows. Nobody knows what the f*ck is going on. You're going to die. You're going to lay next to the people that you know the most in life, the people that you're going to grow old with. But you're going to lay next to them in the middle of the night deeply curious about them and who they are, because nobody f*cking knows anything."

On how she brings herself back to where she's been: "If I pick up a backpack that I had on a certain movie, but I haven't used since, I can smell the place and I can smell the set. I can literally smell all of the things that went into that experience."

On the end of the Twilight era: "I may have said when I was in the thick of it that it wasn't going to last forever. It will calm down. But I didn't really believe it. [Laughter] I thought it might just last forever. Now it seems so far away. We are only two or three years out and I am fully, fully, fully at the bottom of that massive flight of stairs. I'm out of the building."

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