Kristen Stewart Pictures Arriving at LAX

Kristen Stewart Wraps Up Her Visit With Robert Pattinson and Heads Home to LA

Kristen Stewart at LAX.

Kristen Stewart was in her standard jeans and t-shirt last night when she arrived back at LAX. She spent a week out of town in order to see her boyfriend. Kristen Stewart visited Robert Pattinson in Toronto, where he's been working on the movie Cosmopolis. Now Kristen will be back to her new routine of prepping to shoot Snow White and the Huntsman. Practice for the role has involved both yoga and horseback riding for Kristen so that she can be in top form for the physically demanding production. She's had enough downtime between exercise sessions to meet up with some old friends, including one night out with her Twilight buddy Taylor Lautner at the premiere of their New Moon director Chris Weitz's new film A Better Life.

Source: NPG

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