LL Can't Put Down Her Crackberry

LL Can't Put Down Her Crackberry

We all know Lindsay has her addictions. Her Blackberry is just one of them and it isn't one she is about to quit. She's received almost as much notoriety from her legendary Blackberry missives as she has from her acting parts or partying ways (well, almost). So it's only natural the interview portion of her GQ Sex Issue cover was conducted entirely via Crackberry. In typical Lohan fashion she's sarcastic, unapologetic and, of course, unfiltered. At one point Lohan interjects randomly that she needs a boyfriend, from there:

GQ: You? You can have any boyfriend you want! But you’re so right about cats. Let’s face it, they’re evil. Pure, purest evil.

LL: Hah. I’m gonna just get a boyfriend. Like it will just happen

Minutes later…

LL: Haha. There are 3 different boys I like. maybe 5

GQ: You realize that now that you mentioned the three (or maybe five) boys, I have to ask…anyone I know? And Al Gore doesn’t count—’cause he’s married. Also, what kind of poker? Hold ’Em? What’s your style? Aggressive? Conservative? Crazywild?

LL: Depends upon the players and my mood. Mischievous. Been working so hard. so incredibly sorry for the delay, darling. At a graveyard filming through the night. eek. But this movie is soooo worth it! I just got an email from my publicist, and it said that two women saw me stumble out of teddy’s the other night with my mom and a bottle with “clear liquid” in it in the wee hours of the morning. Now comes the truth. my mother and siblings just got into town yesterday. I’ve been filming every night. my mother is at my apt now and never even went to dinner with me. but as I try and focus on my sobriety, there the sicko-fans go again, trying to knock me. it’s so odd and strange to me. The more I chill, the more aggressive they get with the cameras and the absurd stories! All in the middle of me trying to work.

GQ: Do you remember the happiest moment (or day) of your life? Gimme the happy!

LL: Gotta think sex scene today

We assume she means that she had a good time filming a sex scene for the movie, but you never really know with Lindsay. It doesn't look much like she's "chilling" these days (out every night and all), but LL isn't one to let a silly thing like semantics get in her way, or anything else for that matter.





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