Are LL's Friends Profiting Off Her Hard Times?

Are LL's Friends Profiting Off Her Hard Times?

Lindsay Lohan was quick to light up a cigarette as she left the gym (naturally) while on another little break from rehab. Obviously there are tons of celebs who both smoke and work out, but there is something a little comical about doing it while pretty much on the premises of the gym. Unfortunately for Linds, while she's at Promises, someone in her inner sanctum of friends is leaking all sorts of info to the press, including those knife play pics with Vanessa Minnillo. TMZ has confirmed that the pics were stolen from Lindsay's house by a friend and sold to a UK Tabloid. Ouch.

Another friend, of the few who has visited Lohan in rehab, has also been selling stories to the Enquirer. Lohan's rep had this to say, "Unfortunately, we live in a society where we allow stolen pictures to make a profit. I can't believe magazines would purchase and publish stolen, personal photos. If anyone wants to step up to the plate and donate the profits from their sale, we would be happy to point you in the direction of a charity in need." Wow, with friends like those...



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