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LL's Puppy Rehab Not Going As Well As Planned

Mar 21 2007 - 11:02am

Lindsay certainly looks hot (and she seems to know it [0]) on the cover of GQ's Sex Issue, but when we saw the shots we had a sneaking suspicion that they're not new pics. As we suspected, these sexy shots were taken back in the fall when Lindsay was posing for the Obsession Of The Year [0] issue (as seen in the video after the jump) and recycled for the new issue of the mag. For the interview, however, GQ caught up with Lohan more recently and talked to her about post-rehab life. She says (via text message): [1]


"I bought two puppies today! Sober impulse buying of companions who will help me stay home etc. A Jack Russell terrier. named him Brooklyn. he's white and black (like Chanel), and a yorkie named Dakota (like my movie name and my lil bro)."

While we're sure they're adorable, they don't seem to be working very well as club deterrents -- she's been out in NY every night of the past week. Hey, maybe she's a totally attentive puppy mom during the day....

To see the old video of the photoshoot for these old pics just

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