Lindsay Lohan isn't living at Cirque anymore, but she's not ready to leave Utah just yet. Over the weekend she spent more time with her father, and, in typical Lohan family fashion, found some time to give her first post-rehab interview to OK! Magazine. The issue, which includes a revealing interview as well as a photoshoot of her both leaving and out of rehab (naturally), hits stands on Friday. Here are highlights:

  • On her plans: "I'm staying in Utah until it's time to shoot Dare to Love Me and then I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions."
  • On leaving Hollywood all together: "Absolutely not — never! I'm here to stay. My talent is a gift, and I'm going to use it in the right way."
  • On her second arrest being "rock bottom": "Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision; the arrest that night helped me come to a point where I had to make one."

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  • On who she wants to be around these days: "Good people who have their hearts and their minds in the right places."
  • On her parents' feud: "I wish it would stop. It hurts when two people you love argue with one another. I don't think any child wants to see their parents argue or see their family fall apart. Unfortunately, it happens, and when it does, they should do it with as little effect on their children as possible."
  • On how it was in rehab: "sobering" and "humbling. It made me look at myself, and all of the people, places and things in my life in a different way. I was in there for substance abuse, after all."
  • On the fear of relapse: "If I wasn't (worried), I'd be living in denial. Temptation is always there, but now I'll avoid it the right way."

For all her mistakes Lindsay has always struck me as a smart girl — so hopefully she means all of this. You all thought that she should stay away from Hollywood for a while longer, and it sounds like that might just be what she does. That is, unless a little time filming in L.A. is too enticing for her to return to Utah. Fingers crossed that's not the case.