LL's Wild Weekend of Warrants, Broken Windows and Drama

LL's Wild Weekend of Warrants, Broken Windows and Drama

Lindsay Lohan's weekend had more than its share of drama both personal and legal. It started on Friday when there was apparently a warrant issued for her arrest stemming from her 2007 DUI, which her lawyers have subsequently said was a big misunderstanding. The event, however, apparently set off something between Samantha and Lindsay who have been holed up arguing in LL's house for most of the weekend. Among her moments of odd behavior was her Friday night with friends which started at the Chateau Marmont but ended arriving at Jack Nicholson's place at 4:30 on Saturday morning.

By Sunday, things had gotten so out of control between Lindsay and Samantha that a crowd of paparazzi was watching as someone broke one of the windows of the house. The girls were also joined at points by other people including a woman carrying an Alcoholics Anonymous book. Adding to the drama was a twitter account supposedly set up by LL asking for apologies from Samantha and yelling at her for DJing on the night that there was supposedly a warrant for her girlfriend's arrest. Lindsay and Samantha's lives and relationship seem more explosive and tumultuous as ever and while the girls probably don't think they need anyone interjecting in their relationship, it's troubling to read about how tense and passionate things get between them.

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