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The 28 Most Lady Gaga Things Lady Gaga Has Ever Done

Mar 28 2014 - 3:50pm

Lady Gaga [1] turns 28 years old on Friday, and even though she's only been on the music scene for five years, she's already made a lasting impression. It may have all started with a hair bow, a disco stick, and a bubble dress, but she's gone into seriously bizarre territory since — with totally eclectic outfit choices [2], crazy red carpet arrivals [3], and shocking onstage performances [4]. Keep scrolling to see the most Gaga things Lady Gaga has ever done.

Source: Getty [5]

She Made Coke-Can Hair Curlers a Thing

Source: Interscope Records [6]

She Took a Ride on So Many Disco Sticks

No, it's not a euphemism. She seriously had a ton of disco sticks.

She Made Everyone Else Wish They Had a Hair Bow

She Totally Poisoned Alexander Skarsgard

And she looked fierce doing it, too.

Source: Interscope Records [7]

She Literally Bled on Stage During Her 2009 VMA Performance

She Flawlessly Executed the Bubble Dress / Bubble Piano Combination

So many bubbles. All of the bubbles.

She Became a Mermaid For "Yoü and I"

And it was kind of incredible.

Source: Interscope Records [8]

She Met the Queen of England Like This

But really, what else would you wear to meet the queen of England?

She Kissed Kermit the Frog Just Before Turning Him Into a Poncho


She Turned Kermit Into a Poncho Shortly After

Kermit . . . you OK?

She Kind of Freaked Out Eminem While Accepting Her VMA

He's just like, "I don't even know how I feel about this."

She Tricked Out Her Piano With an Arm Army

She Incorporated Cheerios Into Her Mental Breakdown

Because, when it comes down to it, Cheerios complement a breakdown pretty well.

Source: Interscope Records [9]

She Showed Up at the 2010 VMAs Wearing Raw Meat

Don't worry, everyone, it didn't go to waste. The designer planned on turning it into jerky [10].

She Arrived at the Grammys in an Egg . . . and Didn't Emerge Until Her Performance

That was the point where everyone was like, "We should really stop egging her on." Get it? (Sorry.)

She Turned Sandwich-Making Into a Form of Artistic Expression

Bet that sandwich never thought it would become performance art.

Source: Interscope Records [11]

She Pretty Much Set Her Boobs On Fire

This one really sparked a lot of interest, if you catch where we're going. (We can stop anytime we want to, promise.)

She Literally Became a Christmas Tree

She Transformed Herself Into a Black Swan

Natalie Portman [12] was still better, though. Sorry, Gaga.

Source: Interscope Records [13]

She Started Her 2013 VMAs Performance Wearing Whatever This Is

Never was the term "blockhead" more appropriate than it was in this moment.

She Arrived at the 2013 AMAs Riding a Human Horse

She Resurrected Michael Jackson So He'd Be in Her Music Video

Source: Interscope Records [14]

She Went to the 2011 VMAs in Drag

She Gave Us Vivid Nightmares With Her Grills

Sorry to anyone who lost more sleep from seeing this again.

She Made Andy Cohen Into a God and Placed Him in the Clouds

Source: Interscope Records [15]

She Set Her Piano Ablaze During the 2009 AMAs

She Added Like a Foot to Her Height With Her Shoes

She Had Someone Vomit on Her During a Performance

Make it stop. PLEASE.

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