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The Latest On Set Drama on Grey's Anatomy

The Latest On Set Drama on Grey's Anatomy

Katherine relaxed with her fiance Josh Kelley after what could only have been a very stressful week on (and off) the set of Grey's. Just as things were starting to die down from the whole Isaiah Washington thing, lots more drama has popped up in its place. Apparently Katherine has dropped out of her contract negotiations with the show over salary (PR negotiating tactic much?). A source says she's upset that the producer doesn't value her as much as her other co-stars. To top it off there's lots more tension on the set due to the fallout of Kate Walsh getting her own show. Sounds like a lot of egos clashing these days. Here's more:

“The rest of the cast seemed instantly resentful of [Walsh],” a source told Star. “They each thought they’d be the one chosen to get their own show, and now they’re giving Kate the cold shoulder.”

The source adds that “Grey’s” star Ellen Pompeo “seemed particularly peeved because she felt that, as the star, she should have been consulted.”

The show has definitely changed since it first started but I guess that is to be expected of any hit show combined with an ensemble cast. I hate to see original cast members leave a show, but the way this group is making headlines there is no doubt that the entire cast won't last for many more years. Well, I guess we'll just have to watch them fade into post-hit doctor drama obscurity like happened with so much of the original ER cast.






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