Lauren Conrad Landing at LAX in Skinny Jeans Pictures

Lauren Conrad Heads Back Home From a Bookish Trip East

Lauren Conrad returned from NYC.

Lauren Conrad landed at LAX last night in skinny jeans and sandals. She's back home in California after making a quick trip to NYC this week to shoot the cover images for The Fame Game, her upcoming trilogy of novels. Lauren is moving past her former career as a reality star with her work as an author and her new website, The Beauty Department, where she shares her hair and makeup tips with fans. She revealed two of her favorite new beauty trends at a party in LA last week for designer Rebeca Minkoff, wearing an ombré manicure on her nails and pale blue streaks in her blond hair. Lauren is rolling solo since her split from Kyle Howard a few weeks ago but seems to be making the most of her Summer by focusing on her work projects, friends, and hitting up parties on both coasts.

Source: NPG