Lea Michele Interview in Seventeen Magazine | April 2014

Lea Michele "Only Has Happy Memories of Cory"

Lea Michele "Only Has Happy Memories of Cory"

It's been less than a year since the death of Lea Michele's longtime boyfriend Cory Monteith, but she's been both strong and candid about her grieving process in the months since. Lea shared his final four words to her with the world by penning the emotional track "If You Say So" for her debut album, which comes out today, March 4. She opened up to Seventeen about what that date means to her and life after Cory in the April issue, though the talk shifted gears to also include a few carefree quotes about how she likes hanging out naked in her backyard. Pick up the magazine on newsstands March 11, and read more from Lea in Seventeen below:

  • On feeling confident with her body: "I'm very comfortable with my own body. I come from Broadway — everybody's naked on Broadway. I like to think of myself as more granola. I'm not going to run around naked or anything like that unless I'm at my own home. Today, I walked into my backyard and was standing out there naked for a while. Don't tell: my neighbors will freak out!"
  • On that rumored Glee spinoff: "Let's do it. I think it could be Rachel living in New York and working on Broadway!"
  • On why she kept filming Glee after Cory's death: "[The Glee cast] is the greatest group of people I have ever met in my entire life! We all lost Cory. I didn't think for one minute that being away from them was what I wanted. Being on the set of Glee is no more difficult than being at home and finding [Cory's] slippers under the bed. We had a life and a job together — it goes with you everywhere you go; you can't get away from grief. So I might as well be surrounded by the people I love and get to lean on them."
  • On finding true love: "I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction — unfortunately, it won. But that wasn't who he was. Cory made me feel like a queen every day. From the minute he said, 'I'm your boyfriend,' I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful."
  • On remembering Cory through her future journeys: "My album is coming out on March 4 — which is bizarre, like it's meant to be. Just think about it: we're going to 'March fourth.' We're going to march forth like a 'Cannonball.' I try my best to march forth and live my life as best as I can for me. I also feel an incredible, happy responsibility to keep the memory and light of [Cory, who] was the most amazing person. I'm so happy to make it my journey now to continue on and live my life as best as I can."
  • On her inspirations for her debut album: "I set out to make a really pop-heavy album that was fun and empowering — I love Katy Perry and Kelly Clarkson! But then I found myself picking and writing these songs that were very emotional and dramatic. Louder has songs that express extreme love and some pain. I look at it and think, 'That was my year.' I didn't record any songs that I didn't completely relate to."

Source: Seventeen; Front Page Image Source: Getty