Lea Michele in LA Before Glee Tribute

Lea Michele Prepares For an Emotional Week

Lea Michele met up with fellow cast members at the Four Seasons in LA.

Lea Michele popped up at the Four Seasons hotel in LA today, along with Glee costars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. The cast might be coming together in light of this week's emotional episode: it's the final goodbye to Lea's late boyfriend, Cory Monteith, and his character, Finn Hudson. The tribute episode is one we've all been waiting for with a sad sort of anticipation, and even the promo clip was enough to get the tears welling up. Also, given the track list for the episode, we can tell we're in for a seriously emotional hour.

Despite the trauma in Lea's life, she's managed to keep a brave face in the wake of her loss. She'll have more time to grieve after the episode, since the show's set to go on hiatus thereafter. In the meantime, it looks like she'll continue to keep Cory close to her heart. Check out the pictures from today, and get your tissues ready for Thursday.


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